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3D fiber laser marking machine for depth curve surface

3D Dynamic focusing Fiber laser marking machine for metal, laser engrave on curved surface Depth engraving on stainless steel brass copper fiber laser marking machine

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Price arrange: $11000
Supply Ability: 200 sets
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Depth curve surface fiber laser marking machine


It support 3D data editing, rapid realization of 3D surface marking,relief processing. Dynamic compensation algorithm, ensure wide focus consistency, better effect. it support multi file formats and coding, it support importing of drawing software, vector graphic, text, bar code, etc. 


1. Dynamic focus system is innovative designed based on laser beam characteristics for more precise control on focal spot. And lenses are all in aspheric design for more concentrated energy.

 2. LenMark 3DS software suite provides full 3D processing functionality with patented algorithm, such as 3D engraving on cylindrical surface, spherical surface and special-shaped surface. 

3. Some core components are adopt Feeltek OES Galvanometer servo motor, optics F-Theta lens, JPT MOPA M7 laser generator, Feeltek 3D F10 Dynamic focus system, etc. 

4. Three Axis control can free control the focal length, it can be in any shape precision engraving. Not only can cope with all kinds of stepped surfaces, but also to achieve non-discriminatory marking on various shapes. After pre-register the workpiece shape, you only need to change the focal length, it is corresponding to different products, different engraving location and shape change. Without physically moving the workpiece and the machine to complete the switching operation. 

5. Easy operation and preview. Just select from standard shapes that can easily convert 3D settings. When you confirm the three-dimensional preview screen, at the same time to adjust the size or location.

Applicable Industries: 

Electronic Components: Resistance, capacitance, chips, printed circuit boards, computer keyboard.

Apparatus And Meter: Panel signs, precision equipment, etc.

Instrument: Panel signs nameplates, precision equipment, etc.

Hardware Tools: Knives, tools, measuring tool, cutting tool, etc.

Automobile Parts: Pistons, piston rings, gears, shafts, bearings, clutch, lights, etc.

Mechanical Parts : Bearings, gears, standard parts, motors, etc.

Daily Necessities : Handicrafts, zipper, key holder, sanitary ware, etc.

Jewelry: Rings Jewelry, gold, silver, etc.Food, drinking packing: Plastic packings, metal packings, etc.  


Laser Generator BrandRaycusIPGJPT (MOPA M7)
Laser power watts50W (20W--100W for option)
Laser Beam Quality M2< 1.5<1.1<1.3
Laser wavelength
FunctionDepth and curved surface marking
Marking speed8000mm/s
Repeat location accuracy0.003mm
Galvanometer ScannerFeeltek 3D Dynamic focus system
Working area
100*100*40mm / 200*200*80mm
Field lensF-theta lens
Control card
Min line width
PC system
WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 / XP
Support software
Coreldraw, AutoCAD
Graphic format supportedAI / PLT / DXF / DWG / SWG / STL / BMP / JPG / JPEG / PNG / TIF
Working VoltageSingle phase  220V / 50Hz; 110V / 60Hz
Working EnvironmentTemperature :10℃-35℃ ; Humidity :5%-75%
Power consumption<1.3KW
Cooling Air cooling
3 years
Plywood case
Delivery time3--5 working days


3D Dynamic focusing laser marking machine samples

Machine parts show:

Laser source: China Raycus, Germany IPG, JPT, laser source for option.

laser source

3D dynamic scan head: Suitable for any shape of 3d curve surface marking. Suitable for 3d surface curvature change and different planar continuous marking.Professional 3d galvanometer ,high repeatability,high speed.

3D marking head

LenMark-3DS control program which can be highquality process on 3D carved surface and relief.

LenMark-3DS software

F-theta lens: Precision optical elements. specification:100X100(mm),200X200(mm).

F-theta lens

Lifting handle: By hand rotate the wheel to adjust height can get strong point that is correct focus distance.

Lifting hanld for laser marking machine

Aluminum working table: As the picture shows, the target metal materials to be marked put on the fixed table.

Red light postioning: Laser is invisible, so the red dot can help you to show the target pattern size and laser position.

depth fiber laser marking machine red light positioning

red dot

Control Switch: Humanzied control switch, easy to operate, USB interface support U disk, Schneider breaker.

control switch of 3D laser marking machine

IPG fiber laser source: IPG Laser source ensures the very stable quality and extreme long lifetime.

IPG laser source

Control cabinet: the largest of which is to power the laser, the medium-sized one is to supply power to the galvanometer, and the smallest is to supply power to the control card.

Cabinet for curve surface laser engraving machine

Machine rear socket:  Foot pedal plug, power plug, and earth line.

Machine rear socket


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