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Safety Protection Case Enclosed fiber laser marking machine 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W

Raycus, IPG, SPI, JPT, UV laser source for option, F-Theta lens, BJ-JCZ control card, SINO or SCANLAB Galvanometer, Protector glasses

MODEL: GW-20 / 30 / 50 / 100F
BRAND: Godworker
Price arrange: $3800---$16900
Supply Ability: 500 sets / months
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Alibaba Trade Assurance

Enclose type fiber laser marking machine


  • Imported high speed galvo scanner.

  • High precision with repetition as tiny as 0.2mm.

  • Fiber laser marking machine can make deep marking up to 1.0mm on stainless steel.

  • Fast marking speed.

  • Simple and convenient operation. Easy to learn and handle..

  • Stable structure, little vibration during work.

  • For different marking requirement, we have four type for you.

  • No consumables: Fiber laser machine can be used for 8-10 years without any consumables.

  • Low power consumption: low cost, only 0.5kw per hour.

  • Perfect performance, 24 hours continuous working ability.

  • Long working life, around 100000hours.

  • Safty protaction enclosed case.

Applicable Industries:

Electronics and communication tools , IC chips, computer accessories and electrical appliances, all kinds of precise conponents, hardware tools, instrument and meter, aerospace devices, jewelry, clocks, gifts, office supplies, trademark 

signs, sanitary ware, table ware, food, beverages , tobacco and alcohol and many other industries for marking logos, symbols, words, and also can be used in production line for mass quantities work.

Applicable Materials:

Paper,leather,cloth,organic glass, epoxy resin acrylic,wool products,plastics,ceramics,crystal,jade ,bamboo and wood products. 

Special marking software:

Marking software in WINDOWS interface, English operating system, compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD and so on many kinds of drawing software: time date, bar code, serial number, mark, output in English, graphics, all kinds of bar code, Qr code, etc. Word stock the function is all ready, 200 kinds of fonts, can customize wired font, creating one of the proprietary dictionaries.

Technical Parameteres:


GW-20 / 30 / 50 / 100F

Laser device

Raycus/IPG/SPI/JPT/UV fiber laser device 

Central emission wavelength:


Average output power

20W / 30W / 50W / 100W

Beam Radiation Angle


Modulation frequency range


Beam Quality


Working Environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Marking Depth

0-1mm(depending on the materials)

Maximum speed




Repeat location accuracy


Emission Bandwidth (FWHM)

<10 nm

Long-term average power instability


Pulse width, (FWHM)

100 ns

Laser switching ON/OFF time

180 μsec

Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz)

0.95 mJ



Field lens

Singapore RONAR-SMITH F-theta lens

Marking range

110*110mm / 200*200mm / 300*300mm

Working stability (8h)


Minimum line width


Minimum character height


Sheet label marking time

≤ 90 s (depend on the content)

Control board

BJ-JCZ,support USB interface

Laser power supply

<500W / 220V / 50Hz,

Cooling mode

Air cooling

The Max input power

220V,50/60Hz,about 2.5A

Environmental Requirement


Graphic Format Supported



2 years


Exported plywood case

Delivery time

5 working days

Packing size





Enclosed type fiberlaser marking machine samples

color laser marking machine samples

Deep marking fiber laser marking machine sample

Details show:

Laser source: China Raycus, Germany IPG, UK SPI, JPT, 355 UV laser source for option.

laser source for enclosed type laser marking machine

F-theta lens: Precision optical elements. specification:100X100(mm),200X200(mm),300X300(mm)(optional).

F-theta lens

Galvanometer: Germany SCANLAB galvanometer,Fast response speed. 

laser marking machine's SCANLAB Galvo

Lifting handle: By hand rotate the wheel to adjust height can get strong point that is correct focus distance.

Lifting hanld for laser marking machine

JCZ EZCAD software, easy cooperating and user-friendly.

Fiber laser marking machine software

Red light postioning: Laser is invisible, so the red dot can help you to show the target pattern size and laser position.

fiber laser marking machine red light positioning

red dot

Control Switch: Humanzied control switch, easy to operate, USB interface support U disk, Schneider breaker.

control switch of laser marking machine

Working table: Put the marking object on here. 

laser marking machine's working table

Control cabinet: the largest of which is to power the laser, the medium-sized one is to supply power to the galvanometer, and the smallest is to supply power to the control card.

Godworker fiber laser marking machine control box

Control board: BJ-JCZ board card has high precision and more working stable.

IPG fiber laser marking machine control card

Machine rear socket:  Foot pedal plug, power plug, and earth line.

Machine rear socket

Radiator fan: The 4 radiator fan installed on the control cabinet door to cool the control parts. There is a black sponge inside the fan to prevent dust from pollution.

Radiator fan for laser marking machine 20W

Protective glasses: Professional protect eyes from laser injure.

Protective glasses

Machine accessories: User Manaul, Ezcad software, Pedal, U disk, Power line, Tools, Rule.

fiber laser marking machine tools


rotary device for option


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