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High safety portable type fiber laser marking machine

IPG JPT MOPA M7 RAYCUS UV laser source for option; SINO SG7110 or Scanlab Galvo for option; Z axis motorized, high safety, easy operate

MODEL: GW-30F / 50F / 60F / 70F
BRAND: Godworker
Price arrange: $4000-$12000
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Alibaba Trade Assurance


1.Excellent beam quality: This series of fiber laser marking machines are much better than the traditional marking machine, condensation diameter is less than 20um, divergence angle is 1/4 of the semiconductor pumping source laser, used in accurate marking

2.Low use-cost: high turnover ratio between electricity and laser, the whole machine power consumption is less than 500W, which is 1/10 of light pumping source laser

3.Maintenance-free Operation: There is no need of any maintenance for laser, or to adjust /clean the lens

4.Fast marking speed, 2-3 times faster than the traditional marking machine 

5.Long working life: using fiber laser as pumping source, the working hours can reach as long as 80,000--100,000 hours

6.Rotary worktable system is optional, thus, accomplish marking on cambered surface.

7.Air-cooling, easy transportation, also have the portable type.

8.This machine cannot be affected by bad environment and the temperature change.

9.Pulse frequency can be modulated from 1 KHz to 1000 KHz to satisfy different application requirements of various materials.

mini fiber laser marking machine

Applicable Industries:

Electronics and communication tools , IC chips, computer accessories and electrical appliances, all kinds of precise conponents, hardware tools, instrument and meter, aerospace devices, jewelry, clocks, gifts, office supplies, trademark 

signs, sanitary ware, table ware, food, beverages , tobacco and alcohol and many other industries for marking logos, symbols, words, and also can be used in production line for mass quantities work.

Applicable Materials:

Paper,leather,cloth,organic glass, epoxy resin acrylic,wool products,plastics,ceramics,crystal,jade ,bamboo and wood products. 



GW-30F / 50F / 60F / 70F

Laser source


Optical maser wavelength


Average output power

30W / 50W / 60W / 70W

Beam Radiation Angle


Modulation frequency range


Beam Quality


Working Environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Marking Depth

0-1mm(depending on the materials)

Maximum speed




Repeat location accuracy


Galvanometer scan head


Field lens

Singapore RONAR-SMITH F-theta lens 

Marking range

100*100mm / 200*200mm

Working range

182mm x2mm)

Working stability (8h)


Minimum line width


Minimum character height


Sheet label marking time

≤ 90 s (depend on the content)

Control board

BJ-JCZC support USB interface without dongle

Laser power supply

<500W / 220V / 50Hz,

Cooling mode

Air cooled

The Max input power

220V,50Hz/60Hz,about 2.5A

Environmental Requirement


Graphic Format Supported



3 years


Plywood case

Delivery time

5 working days

Packing size





fiber laser marker samples

Machine details:

Laser source: China Raycus, Germany IPG, UK SPI, JPT, UV laser source for option.

laser source for enclosed type laser marking machine

F-theta lens: Precision optical elements. specification:100X100(mm),200X200(mm),300X300(mm)(optional).


JCZ EZCAD software, easy cooperating and user-friendly.

Fiber laser marking machine software

Digital galvanometer scanner: Adopt SINO brand, it has fast marking speed and the high-quality marking effects.

SINO Galvo.jpg

Aluminum working table: As the picture shows, the target metal materials to be marked put on the fixed table.

Red light postioning: Laser is invisible, so the red dot can help you to show the target pattern size and laser position.

red dot

Control Switch: Humanzied control switch, easy to operate.

Control switchs

Control cabinet: the largest of which is to power the laser, the medium-sized one is to supply power to the galvanometer, and the smallest is to supply power to the control card.

Godworker fiber laser marking machine control box

fiber laser marking machine option

Our services:

Pre-Sales Service:

1.Free pre-sales consulting / Free sample marking/testing 

2.Any kind of technical support are available for users. 

3.We offer progressing solution design to all the distributor and users.

After-Sales Service:

1. 3 years warranty (People damaged are charged).

2. Full technical support\ by e-mail, call and video

3. Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

4. Free design of fixtures as customers required.

5. Free training installation and operation for the staffs.


--First,the machine will be packed with plastic wrap tightly,and the plastic wrap will be many layers onto the machine,the plastic will stop the moist air entering the machine.this is very important during the sea transportation. Moist air will etch the machine.

--Second, we will use the air cushion film to pack the machine,and it can avoid the scratching the machine during the transportation.

--Third,we will use the plywood case to package the machine for the last step,and we will also put some form between the plywood case and the machine,the foam can buffer light impact during the transportation.And the bottom of the plywood case has steel beam,it can support the machine well.The plywood case is fumigation-free.

steel color laser marking machine package


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