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GW-1625 digital oscillating knife cutting machine

panasonic driver & motor; wheel & oscilatting cutter; vacuum table; can cut multilayer fabric etc software & hard material; Taiwan Hiwin guide rail; auto feeding & unloading device; v cutter; Red dot; camera for right position;spindle for hard materials

MODEL: GW-1625
BRAND: Godworker
Price arrange: $13000--$23600
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Alibaba Trade Assurance

GW-1625 digital oscillating knife cutting machine

Applicable materials:

Cloth, fabric, mash, jean, fiber, many layers Leather, PVC, PU, carbon fiber, fiberglass,Cardboard, corrugated board, honeycomb board, chipboard, plastic corrugated board,Shoe insole, EVA,rubber,PE foam, Car mats,Composite materials, plastic, acrylic, KT board, cell foam, polyethylene foam,sponge, cardboard, etc.

Applicable Industries:

Footwear, apparel, bag & case, airplane, package, advertisement, furniture, lamp, box, color print, packing, car mat, apparel, etc


1.Machine are more stable and solid with steel structure, which are based on a modular design concept that lends them greater flexibility and adaptability. 

2.Conveyor flatbed satisfy kinds of materials cutting request, such as coiled material, sheet material. Full-automatic   collecting and feeding material. Saving time and improving efficiency.

3.Automatic search for anchor point and continuously cut the photo polymer rolling materials with non-oscillating tool.

4.It is easy to cut different thickness of gray board with precise setting of the various cutting angles.

5.With the automatic lubrication system (timing, quantitative, fixed), it is for non-stop production.

6.With high sensitivity anti-collision device and automatic sensor inside, it is security and reliable.

7. Working table mat are imported from the Germany that are durable, good permeability, and stable shape.

8. Any CAD software can be connected.


1.The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically,enabling a level plat form and perfect cutting.

2.The high precision Godworker digital oscillating knife leather cutting machine can induce draft separately and easily cuts small pieces.

3.The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of digital oscillating knife leather cutting machine.

4. Use world-renowned brand components, including pneumatic parts, electrical parts and operating parts.

5.The high precision Godworker digital oscillating knife leather cutting machine is designed for production with small quantities and can save on costs while maintaining speed and accuracy.

6.Consistent accuracy even when the mode is complex.

7. Suitable for all kinds of flexible materials, with a wide range of applications.

8. Special design: less moving structure, short downtime, easy installation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters:



  GW-1625 (auto feeding)

Working area



Machine size (mm)



Rated power



Fixed mode

flat plate table

Auto feeding type table

Multi function head

Swiss imported knife: with vibration full cutting, vibration half cutting, cursor location function, oblique knife and creasing wheel etc.

Tool configuration

Various cutting tools, creasing wheels, pen, cross positioning laser

Safety device 

 Using infrared sensors,  responsive, safe and reliable.

Moving speed


Cutting speed

200-800mm/s(according to different cutting materials)

Cutting thickness

≤50mm(according to different cutting materials)

Cutting materials

Leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, Sponge 

composite leather, PVC, soft glass, Silicon, rubber 

 Repeated accuracy 


Mechanical Precision

Max. 0.02mm

Control system

Double 32bit RISC CPU + Huge reparogrammable logic gate arrays FPGA

Operation mode

Operating flat form+Data output control software

Control Panel

LCD touch screen



Transmission system

imported(Digital servo motor, linear guide, synchronous belt, ballscrew)

Instruction system

HP-GL compatible format


380V±10%; 50/60Hz

Other configuration

Japan Yaskawa servo motor,Germany imported conveyor belt, vacuum table, auto feeding, Taiwan Hiwin rail, 9kw air vacuum pump


knife cutting machine samples

Machine parts details:

Adopt Swiss imported knife: using simple replaceable head design concept, according to the actual cutting process and tool head replacement with different functions.


Transmission system: servo motor drive belt screw control mode, preset storage knife depth, knife pressure, speed of movement.

servo motor.jpg


Vacuum table: Adopt sophisticated aluminum sophisticated table design, platform width can be customized size, theoretical length is unlimited; vacuum suction design, software can choose to control 8 suction area.

vacuum table.jpg

Imported Germany fiber mat that durable, good permeability, and stable shape.

working fiber mat.jpg

Control panel: China Trocen 6828 Plus

control panel.jpg

Guide rail: Adopt Taiwan HIWIN linear rail and gear rack, it can make sure working high speed and precisions.

Linear rail + gear rack.jpg

Vacuum Pump: Adopt strong power 9KW air vacuum pump for fixing materials while machine cutting materials.

9KW air vacuum pump.jpg

Reducer: Working with servo motor together can keeping machine has high precision while it working.


Software: easy operation and typesetting.



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