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CNC Router 1325 with rotary deliver to customer

2019-09-09 15:30:00 http://www.godworkercnc.com

CNC Router 1325 with rotary deliver to customer

Details Specifications of rotary cnc router:

#Working area:1300*2500*300mm

#4.5kw HQD water cooling spindle

#Ball screw transmission for Z axis

#Helical gear rack transmission for XY axis

#Taiwan HIWIN Linear square guide rails

#DSP A18 control system

#Leadshine 758 hybird servo motor and drivers

#Japan shimpo reducer

# Fuling Inverter

# PVC coverd T-slot aluminum table

#Heavy rotary diameter 300mm, length 2500mm, on the side

#Software: Powermill

#Voltage: 380v, three phase, 50Hz

#Machine heavy duty structure

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1325 rotary cnc router machine.jpg

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1325 wood engraving machine with rotary.jpg

1325 rotary wood engraving machine.jpg

wood cnc cutting router with rotary.jpg4 axis DSP controller A18 for rotary.jpg

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