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How to choose and maintaince laser machine ?

2018-08-25 14:59:40 http://www.godworkercnc.com

Q. Trading company or factory?

We are manufacturers and we welcome you to visit our factory!


Q. Is it easy to operate for new users?

This is very easy, we provide you with English language operation videos, and our technology can help you through Whatsapp, Skype, TeamViewer, etc.


Q. What do I need to do when the machine fails?

One: Make sure all the wires are connected and keep your lenses and mirrors clean, then check your laser tube and the details of our conversation.


Q. How to maintain laser cutting engraving machine?

After working for 3 hours, it is best to turn off for 10 minutes. Keep lenses and mirrors clean. The water of the laser tube should be kept clean and at a low temperature. In winter, you need to input some antifreeze.


Q. What is the minimum order quantity?

MOQ 1set. If you buy more than 5sets, we will give you some discounts.


Q. Are there other modes of choice?

A: Yes, you can choose other models as your requirements. (Machine depending on your material and the size of your material).


Q. What is the life of the laser tube?

RECI laser tube can be up to 10,000hours, other beand tube lifetime 1,500--8,000 hours, also it depend on your using ways and working environment.

For example, if you work 8 hours a day, the specific data is as follows:

1. If you set the power to 30% of the total power of 30%, the service life is about 1-2 years.

2. If you set the power at 40-50% of the total power, the life expectancy is about 1 year.

3. If you set the total power of 70~80, the service life is about 6-8 months.


Q. How do I know that the power of the laser tube is exhausted?

A: You can check the color of the laser beam. The new and powerful laser tube works purple when it is working, otherwise it will be white.


Q. Is it better to increase the impact system to improve laser processing performance?

It applies to certain materials and it can stop shooting.


Q. How long does it take for a laser machine to learn?

If you can use some basic graphic design software, it will only take a few hours to master the operation. You only need to do some simple tests on different processing materials to understand how to adjust the speed and laser power.


Q. Is laser harmful to the human body during operation?

It is harmless. Our machine equired protector glasses to protect eyes. Must be cannot put your hand, arm throught laser path.


Q. Do I need to buy two laser machines to engrave or cut apart?

No, our machines can serve two purposes.


Q. Do I need to connect with a laptop or computer?

Yes, no matter how good it is that need PC, it supports Windows XP, Win 7/8/10 and other operating systems.


Q. How to distinguish between different forces and application of laser tubes?

1. The length of the laser tube (relatively, the longer the time, the larger/stronger)

2.. Laser tube diameter (relatively, thicker, stronger)

3. With a larger laser tube cutter, it can be deeper and faster, and the spot size is larger. Therefore, it is better to choose low-power engraving such as 40W, 50W, 60W and powerful force or cutting. ”


------- Godworker Team