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What equipment is best for cutting flexible materials´╝č

2018-08-25 14:39:58 http://www.godworkercnc.com

GW-1625 auto feeding digital knife cutting machineFlexible material cutting, car mats, automotive interiors, clothing industry fabrics, KT boards, leather material sponges, etc. Some flexible materials, many people worry about these, high labor costs, slow time, laser cutting will be burnt, then what is the most Is it best to cut it out?
In response to these problems, many vibrating knife cutting machines have been introduced on the market, high-frequency, high-speed intelligent cutting, dust-free and pollution-free, the cutting surface is very round, without burrs, and the speed is very fast, saving labor costs, and the effect is also very satisfactory.
For the cutting of flexible materials, Godworker Machinery has introduced a variety of vibrating knife cutting machine equipment, typically GW-1625, this machine can cut all kinds of flexible materials, Sponge composite leather, fabric, PVC, glass fiber, silicon, rubber, carbon fiber, carboard, KT board, PE, carpet, gasket, ABS etc.