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How to choose the right laser cutting machine

2018-08-22 14:50:47 http://www.godworkercnc.com

GW-6090 mini laser engraving cutting machine

Today we are going to talk about how to choose laser machine?. What kind of laser machine is the best, I hope we can give you some suggestions for future choice.


First, we choose the laser machine of the standard should be "in laser machine performance to meet their own needs in the material circumstances we have to minimize the cost or price, in other words we should not simply pursue the performance to choose the most suitable laser machine".


Secondly, supplies about laser machine, we may feel that the laser machine parts is more important: laser tube, mirror, variety selection, control card, motor and other accessories, however, bearings, guide, belt and shell etc. these accessories are equally important, such as bearing and belt, laser machine during the work time especially when carving laser head to swing back and forth, high frequency, this case will wear of bearings and belts greatly, causing them to a high damage rate, but these transmission device is damaged, may affect the precision of heavy machine strike. You may find it easy to replace these parts, the price is relatively low, so not too concerned, however, maintenance is simple, but because of damage to the machine waste time is irreparable, not to mention these parts is not as we think that easy maintenance. Therefore, we have repeatedly tried and according to customer feedback, and finally chose the Taiwan PMI guide rail and the Japanese ONK belt, which greatly guaranteed the accuracy and life of the machine.


But ultimately, the choice of machines depends on how well they fit. For example, some customers are lack of funds and set up factories in the initial stage, and the machine operation time, relatively few cases, you can choose some cheap machine, it will be possible to save costs, but also to meet the current production. While some customers to long-term production, want the machine operation for a long time, so you can consider some expensive machines, in the long term that can save the maintenance time and cost, and can ensure the quality of finished products.


Of course, the quality of the machine users rely on the use effect, I will according to everyone's suggestions and needs to recommend the most suitable products and production, to achieve the objectives of the company really: "high quality, high price, family services, your private exclusive custom -- GODWORKER".