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CNC Plasma cutting machine for metal sheet; pipe, tube plasma cutting machine

FLMC-2300Acontroller, Automatic Arc Pressure adjustable, HIWIN Linear Rail, Helical Rack, FastCam software, Leadshine stepper motor and driver, Panasonic or Yaskawa servo motor for optional, Heavy structure, Sawtooth table, LGK or Hypertherm power option

MODEL: GW-1325P / GW-1530P
BRAND: Godworker
Price arrange: $15000--$55000
Supply Ability: 200sets/month
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Alibaba Trade Assurance

Plasma cutting machine with rotary.jpg


  • Tailored track acquires zero-noise, high-intensity, high-speed and high-precision features.

  • Human-computer interface design makes the machine easy to learn and operate, and have complete functions.

  • Equipped with functions of portable CNC cutting and can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal plate.

  • Enable the conversion of the CAD into the program file which can be transmitted to the main machine by USB to cut plate into any shape.

  • With two cutting modes: Flame Cutting & Plasma Cutting.

  • Chinese, English, French, and Portuguese are ready to use.

  • Can automatically memorize and restore when power is off.

  • Plasma THC ( torch height control) device function: By automatically adjust the height of the torches according to the feedback of the plate height changes, THC can protect the torch form damage and prolong life span of the nozzles.

  • With status indication device.

  • With positioning functions of protection cover, proximity switch and dual-speed.

  • Compatibility of the domestic plasma and foreign-brand plasma.

  • With PWM control mode.Through CNC programming, the pipe cutter can rotate automatically to cut different drawings.

Applicable Industry:

Processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building, electrical accessories, board cutting.

 Applicable Scope:

Application,Iron sheet, Aluminum plate, Titanium Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Galvanized sheet, White Steel plate and other metal materials.

Technical Parameters:




Working Area



Plasma power 

Domestic Huayuan LGK 63A-200A

LGK200A/≤25mm with Original Hypertherm cutting gun

Imported US Hypertherm Powermax 45A-200A

Control system


Nesting Software


Auto torch height controller

China HYD / On-Time 


Leadshine 860H stepper motor /Japan Yaskawa / Panasonic

Design Software

Auto Cad/CAXA

X Y Z Rail

Taiwan HIWIN Linear rail

Transmission type

X,Y rack gear & pinion, Z TBI ball-screw

Working Mode

Untouched Arc Striking

Cutting Speed


Running Speed


Gross Power


Repeat positioning accuracy


Process precision


Working Voltage

3 Phase 380V, 60Hz

File transfer mode

USB interface

Instruction format

G code

Working pressure


Suitable Software


packing size 



Gross weight 



Samples show:



steel pipe samples

steel tube samples

Machine details:

FLMC-F2300A control system, Chinese /English /RUSSIAN /Spainsh /French /Czech /Janpanese/Slovakian etc. version for your choose ,so you don't need worry about operate problem regardng language.

FLMC-F2300A control system

Automatic torch height controller with this function , the torch can up and down with automatic regarding the sheet radian , so through your sheet is not flat , you also don't need worry the torch will collide the sheet , then to protect the cutting torch and ensure the cutting performance.

Automatic torch height controller

USA Hypertherm powermax and China HUAYUAN power source for option.

power source

High precision cutting performance and cutting speed.

cutting head of plasma cutting machine

Taiwan Hiwin Linear rail with YYC Helical gear rack to make machine higher precision faster cutting speed ,more better cutting performance.

cnc plasma cutting machine transmision

FASTCAM Nesting software After nest your drawing by FASTCAM nesting software ,it can make your cutting sheet in biggest usage , then it can reduce waste and save cost.

FASTCAM Nesting software

Rotray device for cutting steel pipe and tube.

for pipe

for tube

Equiped the professional eye protected glasses and hand protected gloves, let your worker can safety operation during the longer working . Other items our factory quality standard catch the EU standard.

eye protected glasses and hand protected gloves

Equiped the two exhaust fan for take the cutting smoke out from the room, front fan will blow to back , the back fan will exhaust the smoke out from the machine and out from the room . That will efficiency to let the workshop keeping in the good environment.

exhaust fan

Equip insutrial Air compressor, we also set the parameter well in the air compressor, this is a necessary parts for machine working,you no need to spend extra money to buy it in your local market, and you can use machine directly when you received machine.

insutrial Air compressor

Cutting nozzle

Cutting nozzle

Control cabinet: Schneider breaker, Leadshine M860H driver

plasma cutting machine cabinet


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